Aims & Objectives / Guidelines

Aims and Objectives of Divyadarshin Yoga


  1. Inspiring students, unemployed youth and making them self sufficient by identifying hidden talents, Intuitive and creative skills. Motivating illiterates and unprivileged to raise their self esteem and enjoy their sovereign power.
  2. Increasing the efficiency of the employees by relieving work tension and creating job satisfaction.
  3. Reducing the corruption by increasing awareness and life satisfaction techniques, and showing how anti social activities leads to self destruction.
  4. Developing moral strength and self esteem of visually challenged and other physically challenged brothers and sisters by adopting special meditation techniques.
  5. Giving a road map to all the Administrators, executives and Industrialists to optimize their resources and maximize their benefits and achieve success.
  6. Assisting the government in formulating the policies on education employment and health, and molding the children as national assets.
  7. Coordinating with all the religions for toleration and maintaining harmony within the society.
  8. Developing patriotism and showing the value of the life to experience the ultimate reality.
  9. Recognizing the women as vital force in the emerging society and identifying women safety as responsibility of each individual.

Taking up Research study and developing practical techniques for understanding Instant realization. Arranging training for those who are interested.

Guide lines for following the Divyadarshin Yoga

  1. Divyadarshin Yoga is aimed for realizing the divinity within. It has no discrepancy with any of the other yogic practices. It is basically an advanced Yoga of which, its limits goes beyond the word “practise”.
  2. If the concepts of this yoga are understood in right spirit, it may not take much time for catching the essence or realization. It is not a practise that is to be done separately; it is a meditation that is to be involved in each and every thought and activity every moment (micro level) without any deviation.
  3. It need not be get worried for not sustaining the consciousness. The concept of “Automaticness” helps, how to operate beyond the consciousness. Because “Automaticness” (God’s programming in the mind) is an instrument, which makes you how to withdraw the efforts and sees, how things to be done effortlessly. Further, it is to be understood that, when the realization of the oneness of the concepts of 24 hrs Meditation and Automaticness is attained, that state is the state of perfection.
  4. According to this no one in this world is superior to any one or no one in this world is inferior to anyone. Further no one can hate anyone in this world. Understand why?
  5. According to this, there is no time reference, either past, future or no I or We etc. If it is understood perfectly, it can be started enjoying within an instance. The main aspect of Timelessness and thoughtlessness is that, the word ‘I’ is vanished. The mission of this yoga is “the realization of the state of the nature of a human being without any deviation, there by aligning oneself to the frequency of the Nature, so that each and every one would lead a blissful life.”

Note: The 24 Hrs. Meditation is the dynamic stability of the neurons. Hence the silence obtained by 24 Hrs. Meditation will be stable, reliable and permanent.