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I was born on June 15, 1966 in Somadevarapally Village, of Dharmasagar Mandal in Warangal District. My Parents are Sri. Laxminarayana Manda and Smt. Kamalamma Manda. I have completed my Primary and Secondary education in Zillaparishath High School, in nearby village Damera in Karimnagar District. I have completed my plus two education in Govt. Junior College, Hanamkonda. I did my BE (Electrical) in College of Engineering, Osmania University.

I have joined the APSEB in June 1990 as Asst. Engineer and was posted in KTPS palvancha. I have worked for 12 years in KTPS, as AE and ADE. From 2002 to 2009 Nov. I have worked in 400KV Mamidipally, Hyderabad and 220KV Chandrayangutta, Hyderabad as ADE. Since Nov 2009 I have been working as Divisional Engineer / Training and coordinator in Corporate Training Institute, TSTransco.

I have made a research on Personality Development for the past 7 years. I followed 24 Hrs Meditation, thereby involving meditation in every activity. The outcome is the book I authored “THE INSTANT SUCCESS”. I hope it will meet all the requirements of human being and achieving their goals. The ultimate reality of this book is explaining how a human-being excel in all respects automatically and the secret of confidence. I am sure that it is Invention of an innovative Idea.

Consolidating these concepts as God’s dictum I have founded a powerful weapon namely The Divyadarshin Yoga, which I am sure will become, beginning of a new Era in the process of self realization. Very simple guide lines are given to follow the Divyadarshin yoga and I hope everyone can enjoy it whole heartedly.

I am very much indebted to all my friends, colleagues, superiors, subordinates and management of TSTransco for the kind cooperation and mutual understanding and encouragement.

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24 Hrs. Meditation

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Automatic Process (Timelessness)

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How to Inspire Children

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Emotional Intelligence

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Ten Core Principles of Instant Success

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Self Motivation for Students (Divyadarshin Yoga for students)

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It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one who is the most responsive to change”

- Charles Darvin

It is felt, there should be change in thinking, it should be innovative and creative.

India is a source of abundant, traditional, cultural and spiritual heritage. The civilization is being an evolution from the ancient times. The modern techniques being adopted is still not meeting the needs of the people in holistic way. There is lot of unrest, disparities, violence prevailing in the society, despite the so much of scientific and Technological advancement. Because the same is being utilized for full filling, selfish goals and exploitation, and leading against law of Nature. Hence there is a need to go for some innovative approach.

According to the Nature, order is there in the disorder, patience is required to identify the same, for the betterment of the society. God has created the nature to make it self sufficient and happy. However human being is searching for happiness somewhere else, forgetting the fact that, nature of creation itself is happy. What is the use of making so many rules and conditions without knowing simple law of knowing the self? If somebody says it is “difficult” he has to lead a life of difficulty forever. If anybody says it is “easy” without any doubt he can always be happy for ever, because there is lot of energy and confidence in the word “easy”.

The purpose of personality development is learning how to UN-identify with ‘I’. Whether it is thinking positive, taking sportive or acceptance, everything ultimately implies to reduce the impact of ‘I’. If you understand it carefully, you will realize that, the word ‘I’ itself is not true and unless you are in the conscious you can’t recognize it. You can see the conscious if you are in ‘silence’. Do not mistake it for physical silence. Silence is there in every moment, irrespective of what you think, feel or act. Understand the” inner silence”.

So please understand (by thought), that ‘Inner Silence’ does not affected by what you think. It means we can say that, once you realize the ‘Inner Silence’, what ever you think or act does not matter or in other words, the thought process and all the activities will become ‘automatic’ or ‘involuntary’. The same is operated by your mind programming based on the processing of the inputs available from the surroundings and the data available in the memory. This is what is known as un-identification with ‘I’. This beauty is there in the ‘creation’ itself. Knowing this fact makes perfection, in all aspects of life. Lack of awareness (ignorance) of this nature’s secret is leading to ‘suffering’ in the human race.

Everybody accept that, human life is very uncertain. This uncertainty is making everyone weak and resulting in lack of confidence and lack of enthusiasm. God has created human-being with abundant resources and so wonderful nature that no one need to suffer even for a moment. So this book explains how to understand the creation and how to enjoy the life every moment despite the troubles and how to achieve the goals irrespective of the obstacles. Further it enlightens how to realize oneself instantly without any practice.

It is generally said that, one may get the “confidence” by gaining knowledge, skill, experience, efficiency, influence, money, health etc., However this book explains how to get the confidence without all the above and how to gain all the above with the confidence.

I have much passion in writing this book, sharing my own experiences. It is written with complete positive intension. There is no need to change the beliefs, practices or life style. I hope it will fully strengthen your confidence and weaken your weaknesses.

“Realize that, if you don’t know how to enjoy this moment, you can never understand how to enjoy your life forever”.

Instant success is living in freedom, living with confidence, living with Zero effort, living in the infinite, living without limitations, living without conditions, living in the eternal bliss, living without suffering and finally it is an easiest way for the self realization.

Learn to control the “Manosthithi” to understand the “Paristhithi” because bliss is internal, not external.

This book is intended to prove your greatness not mine (author)